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United Kingdom

The Circus


The new social hub + film institute at the heart of an UNESCO world-heritage town

Year  2014

Area  1500 sqm


“The film institute & cinemas sit in-between the city and the garden, fantasy and reality, as sculptural elements reconciling & mediating between the two worlds”


The idea of the project is to reunite the City of Bath with the currently under-used Parade Gardens by mediating the boundary between the two. Placing the building towards the South West corner of the gardens, the deserted “Bog Island” is re-imagined as a central performance space with a retractable roof for multiple functions under all weather. The city boundary is pushed slightly into the garden recreating a new plane for social gathering, markets and performance; while the gardens are pulled underneath and elementally incorporated into the complex. The institute and the cinemas stand boldly as sculptural elements on the parade. Street furnitures are designed and integrated architecturally with skylights, planters, ventilation shaft and etc.

The project works in co-operation with student engineers such to achieve a holistic integration of architectural, structural, environmental and regulatory considerations.



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