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The open house is for an ‘Urban Collector’, a visiting scholar, and public guests. Designing through urban deductions and narratives.

Tutor: Neri & Hu Design Research Office Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu & Nellie Yang

Year  2017

“The fantasies of the past, determined by the needs of the present, have a direct impact on the realities of the future. The consideration of the future makes us take responsibility for our nostalgic tales.”


‘Wunder’ meaning ‘wondering’; 
‘Kammer’ meaning ‘cabinet’ 


The Cabinet of Curiosities is a space of encyclopedic collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were general and yet to be defined. Items stored are in a state of transition between intuitive marvel & recognized knowledge, implying a certain ambiguity and blurriness of defined boundary and space. Objecthood and curiosity then become the drive to guide through the flowing between space.




The project looks into an urban phenomenon- a fishery stall in Cheung Chau Island, HK, and takes on a narrative approach founded on the book “對倒” (Dual). The walls are redefined by ripping off its solidity into fins. By leaving or filling the voids with different materials, variations of permeability and functional hybrids are created. They structurally extend from the lower floor to the upper floor and owes a varying change vertically or horizontally, incorporating furniture, storage or displays. The project eventually evolves into spaces defined by fin armatures.


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