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The North Point Vernacular is practical, fit for purpose, and constructed by simple, everyday objects. Located on the fringe of two distinctively different areas of North Point, #TackPoint is a transition space that celebrates the essence of the neighbourhood and encourages social interaction.


Located on the 5th-7th floor of Baowen Pavilion, the project is located at the west of Dongmen Town, the earliest pedestrian street in Luohu District of  Shenzhen.


Respecting the shape of the building as much as possible, we take reference to the dynamism of Bagua (The Eight Trigrams) of Taoist cosmology, and create a flexible interior in the creative pragmatic spirit of the new enterprise.


Re-establishing the axial relationship of the Hill, City & Water beyond built infrastructure arise from city expansion in the West District.

By unraveling layers of historical transformations and instilling site-specific interventions at/with the Invisible Walls- the flyovers and retaining walls resided from city expansion from 1960s onwards- the project intends to establish a form of connectivity that relates events, reprioritizes the experience of flâneur and enhances the potential of neighborhoods without over-damaging the essence of place.  


The open house is for an ‘Urban Collector’,a visiting scholar, and public . Designing through urban deductions and narratives.​

“The fantasies of the past, determined by the needs of the present, have a direct impact on the realities of the future. The consideration of the future makes us take responsibility for our nostalgic tales.”

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"The (im)mobile film spectator moves across an imaginary path, traversing multiple sites and times. Her fictional navigation connects distant moments and far-apart places." – Sergei Eisenstein



The series of speculative spaces are generated from the book 對倒 by 劉以鬯. The book revolves around two seemingly opposing characters in a parallel paradigm. 

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